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Our ambition.

Christophe Thoral

Leading French producer Lagardère Studios has embarked on a path of global expansion to reach new audiences, create synergies and develop shared content strategies. Having boosted our presence in Spanish-language countries through our Spanish subsidiary Grupo Boomerang, and in northern Europe by investing in Aito Media (Finland) and Skyhigh TV (Netherlands), today Lagardère Studios is a key player in independent production and distribution across Europe. In pursuing this dynamic strategy, our goal is to strengthen our position as an indispensable partner to content broadcasters in every country.

Everywhere, Lagardère Studios offers clients a strong partnership, with them at every step, and always one step ahead of changes in the audiovisual world by covering all production models: local productions, international coproductions, format adaptations, controlled-budget industrial films and corporate and digital creations.

Through our program distribution activity, Lagardère Studios actively brings forward high-end drama series and documentaries across the whole of Europe. The wealth and diversity of our catalogue is a major asset in these days of ever-growing demand for new content.

For all this, Lagardère Studios must draw fresh talent to offer unique, innovative creations and formats, bringing together the best professionals in the field with a single goal: to offer the very best in audiovisual production.

Reservoir Prod.

The society Reservoir Prod
Lagardère StudioLagardère Studio

Reservoir Prod.

The society Reservoir Prod

Headed by Jean-Baptiste Claverie and Guillaume Wanneroy, Reservoir Prod produces lifestyle magazines for all broadcasters, for either original creations or foreign size adaptation.
Since its founding in 1994 by Jean-Luc Delarue, the company has produced over 6,000 hours of programming. Generators of audience, its magazines combine information, emotion and entertainment and regularly imposed themselves as cult French media brands.

  • Mille et une vies (France 2)
  • Recherche appartement ou maison (M6)
  • Maison à vendre (M6)
  • C’est mon choix (Chérie 25 et France 2)
  • Vis ma vie (TF1 et NT1)
  • Mon voisin est un chanteur (W9)
  • Ça se discute (France 2)
  • Toute une histoire (France 2)
  • Etc.

In February 2014, Lagardere Studios and the management team of Reservoir Prod acquired together the entire share capital of the company.
Reservoir Prod Tank Prod now offers a multi-format programs for all media, whether linear or delinearised.

The company develops around three poles:

  • The Entertainment programs (talk shows, factual entertainment, …)
  • The Digital (The production of programs for the web, mobile devices and tablets)
  • The Corporate (The programs targeting the employees and the customer